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11 01 2022 / Posted by Nigel Cooper
When do you feel like a ‘real’ writer?

I was 40 before my first novel was published. Prior to that, I'd spent my entire adult life feeling like a writer, knowing I was a writer but being too...

08 01 2022 / Posted by Nigel Cooper
Spilled ink
You can only call yourself a writer if you’re published

I can still picture every line on my creative writing tutor’s face, her gums, blackened from too many cigarettes, her teeth, yellow-white and dull. Her smile, creasing the edges of...

08 01 2022 / Posted by Nigel Cooper
Be Yourself
Do authors have to be social media ‘influencers’ to succeed?

Author Matt Haig included one of my tweets in his book Notes on a Nervous Planet. He’d been asking about how social media can affect people’s mental health and I’d responded...

12 09 2021 / Posted by Nigel Cooper