Social media is pointless when it comes to book marketing.

It's a money pit. If you're marketing your own novel, you have to advertise otherwise you'll never be seen.

27 09 2022 / Posted by Nigel Cooper
You don’t have to market your own novels

You don't have to market your own novels... unless you want people to actually know they exist, that is. Even if you're with a big 4.

26 09 2022 / Posted by Nigel Cooper
Birds flying from a speech bubble in the sky
What does Musk’s takeover of Twitter mean for the platform?

There are big changes ahead for Twitter and nobody quite knows what to think about it. So what are people concerned or excited about?

26 04 2022 / Posted by Nigel Cooper
social media heart
Measurement is your friend

It is easy to get despondent in the early days when you start the process of growing your author influence on social media...but remember that measurement is your friend. You...

06 04 2022 / Posted by Andrew Seel
Person listening to social media
You have to ‘give’ to grow your audience

In order to grow your audience on social media, it is important you have real clarity on who they are - not who you *think* they are. You need to...

05 04 2022 / Posted by Nigel Cooper
Overcoming imposter syndrome

Early in my career, I stood listening to Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett – some of the biggest stars of the day – as they explained their vision for a...

04 04 2022 / Posted by Andrew Seel
What should authors be writing about on social media?

What should authors write and share when posting on social mediaon? A clue, it isn't endlessly saying: 'I've got a book coming out, buy my book, did I mention my...

01 04 2022 / Posted by Nigel Cooper
be curious on ripped paper
Why authors should be curious about other people’s posts on social media

In my previous posts, I discussed how the first step in building a professional social media presence is to comment on other people’s posts… but at first, even this can...

31 03 2022 / Posted by Nigel Cooper
Be consistent scribbled note
How authors can build a consistent habit on social media

Consistency is everything when it comes to building you author social media profile. You don't have to do much each day but you do need to do something.

30 03 2022 / Posted by Nigel Cooper
author with laptop
Our #1 tip for authors to build their profile on social media

[VIDEO] #AuthorSpark helps authors to build their social media profiles via a mobile app and online training course. Here's the first in our series of free advice to help authors...

29 03 2022 / Posted by Nigel Cooper