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Learn alongside other authors and build and maintain an amazing author social media profile that gets you noticed by readers and publishing influencers. Small daily actions add up to huge results.

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You know how important an online presence is for authors.

You aren’t sure how to build your social media profile (or if you want to).

You have social media profiles but are struggling to build an audience.

You’ve got imposter syndrome – everyone else is a better, more established.

You aren’t sure how to scale up consistent social media activity.

Your author social media activity stalls and goes in fits and starts.

You want to sell books but don’t want to ‘sell’ all the time online.

You want to be ‘known’ for something but aren’t sure how.


Writing your novel is a solitary pursuit but marketing it isn't

I don’t have time, I don’t know what to write on social media, everyone else online seems better. I don’t know how to start. I’ve run out of ideas, I don’t have enough followers.

We all have that negative voice in our head, telling us all the reasons we can’t do something. Perhaps authors more than most.

We’re here to tell you that you can.

36% of UK book buyers discover new books through social media.” –Nielsen, 2020, Nielsen Books and Consumers Survey: How Readers Discover Books)

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What is 1% Author Club?

  • It’s estimated only 1% of books published sell more than 150 copies
  • Barely 10% of self-published authors sell more than 100 copies of their books (WordsRated, 2022)
  • More than 60% of self-published authors want help with social media and internet marketing (The Author’s Guild, 2019).
1% Author Club is a unique coaching experience led by bestselling fiction author Nigel Jay Cooper and non-fiction author Andrew Seel.
Both are digital marketing experts who have spent 25+ years marketing for some of the world’s biggest brands.
This coaching-led course will help you to grow your online visibility, author profile on social media – all with the aim of selling more books or landing that dream agent or publisher.

What we're covering

9 pre-recorded sessions in our learning hub to watch in your own time. Suitable for published, self-published and yet-to-be published authors.

We’ll teach you how to find your book marketing niche, how to speed up the process of writing and publishing social media posts to promote your books and crucially, how to expand your social network media network and influence.

Each session is supported with a range of supporting material in our learning hub.

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ChatGPT prompt bolt on module

1% Author Club includes an optional AI bolt on session.
This workshop will provide a range of specifically engineered prompts for ChatGPT to help authors to generate a range of social media post ideas based on their own niche, genre, goals and interests.

This module isn’t mandatory for 1% Author Club cohort members, but is available for those interested in how AI can support and speed up their book marketing processes.

What people say about our coaching courses

AuthorSpark founders Andrew Seel and Nigel Cooper have been digital pioneers since the birth of the web. They are both AI explorers, sharing their knowledge of this fast-moving field with you to help you keep up and thrive in this brave new AI world.

Nigel is also a bestselling author of 3 fiction novels and Andrew publishes his first non-fiction book, The 30 Day Social Club, later this year.

As digital marketing experts, Andrew and Nigel have trained and coached people for many years, from companies including Post Office, BT, HSBC, PA Consulting, Big Issue, Vest’d, Crowdfunder, River Island and more.

Here’s what some of them had to say about their experience:

“The 30 Day Social Club was incredible. It was more than just a social media course. It was like life coaching. I feel more confident at work, able to communicate better in meetings. I’ve grown my visibility.”

“I really enjoyed the 30 Day Social Club – social media was something I probably deemed ‘pointless’ 2 years ago – but incredibly important in my life now!”

“Since doing the course myself, I’ve put my team on the 30 day Social Club.”

“It makes social media something not to be scared of. That’s quite freeing for the individual to be able to talk about themselves whilst talking about their role as well.”

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Nigel Jay Cooper

Nigel’s debut novel Beat The Rain was a Best Debut Author semi-finalist for in the Goodreads Choice Awards 2016. His second novel The Pursuit of Ordinary was a finalist in the People’s Book Prize for Fiction 2019 and was called in for consideration by Man Booker Prize (a first for his publisher). His third novel Life, Slightly is out now.
Nigel brings his own experience of getting published, building an online author profile and marketing his own novels to the course.
Nigel has also worked in digital marketing since the dawn of the internet and co-founded digital marketing company We Are Togethr alongside Andrew.
Prior to that he was a newspaper subeditor and a writer and editor for Channel 4 Interactive.
Nigel is fascinated by the rapid growth of AI and is dedicated to learning and sharing the latest developments in AI with other authors to help with their book marketing.
Andrew Seel

the team behind authorspark

Andrew Seel

Andrew has been at the forefront of the digital industry for his entire career. His expertise dates back to the birth of the web and he has a keen eye for what’s coming next.
He launched We Are Togethr 17 years ago and made the decision to completely pivot from a social media agency to SaaS advocacy platform ahead of the curve.
Before We Are Togethr, Andrew was co-founder of award-winning digital consultancy Getfrank, leading projects for Channel 4 and EMI (eg Gorillaz) and a Senior Editor at AOL UK developing online communities before the advent of social media.
Andrew has consulted for numerous brands globally in his career including: Haagen Dazs, Air Mauritius China and Saatchi & Saatchi.
He’s a keen AI explorer and is about to publish his first non-fiction novel 30 Day Social Club, based on one of his successful coaching courses for brands.
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1% Author Club

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